Clarify your Design Dreams.
Illuminate the path to making them happen!

You're a business owner with big ideas for making an impact. You know you want stellar design, but you're unsure how to make it all happen, and which approach makes the most sense for your brand and business.

You have a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Maybe you:

  • dream of creating an oracle deck or a line of branded products
  • feel like your business has outgrown your current branding
  • are ashamed to even send people to your website because it's so not *you* anymore
  • are downright overwhelmed, and tired of researching or struggling with things that are outside your zone of genius

You need help to clarify your design dreams and decide on your next steps.

Illuminate! sessions are the bridge between your big ideas and making them happen.

In Illuminate! sessions, we:

  • explore where your business and design ideas are now
  • refine the ideas based on your unique context
  • map out your next steps

At the end of your session, you'll receive recommendations on next steps and resources for bringing your big ideas to fruition. These resources may include options on how you and I can work together, and/or suggestions for other resources or providers. With 12 years of freelancing and 20+ years in the field, I have an amazing network and knowledge base to draw upon.

photo of Tzaddi Gordon smiling and looking up

Hey there. I'm Tzaddi.

I help people who want to change the world in their own unique way with my artful design and decades of know-how. Thanks for being here.

Illuminate! Sessions Include: 

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Questionnaire review and pre-call research
  • 75-minute strategy call using Zoom with or without video (your choice)
  • Follow-up email outlining your strategy and next steps
  • Specific resources to support your momentum forward

Illuminate! Session Investment: $187 USD (plus applicable taxes)
BONUS: receive a discount equivalent to your investment, if you book a Design Sprint or a project within 30 days.

Not sure if this is what you need? Just want a quick chat to see if we might be a fit for working together?
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Leah Goard"Tzaddi's strategic sense will provide you with smart ideas and feedback and her talent will produce a product that will have a very positive ripple effect in your business and bottom line. She is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and has the ability to think way outside of the box to give you that strategic edge on the next leg of your journey.  In the last near-decade of growing my business Tzaddi has played a key role in every project, program and event that I’ve launched."