Carly Daley

I hired Tzaddi to do a complete re-brand on my Skin Care business and Health & Wellness blog and she consistently exceeded my expectations throughout the process. Her relaxed personality, organization, professionalism and creative and artistic ability made the entire process easy (for me) and enjoyable. Tzaddi saw my vision for my brand, logo and website and put it into reality.

Since working with Tzaddi, my product sales and website traffic has significantly increased, and my logo has become a recognizable representative of my brand. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Leah Goard

Tzaddi is not only my “go to” designer, she is my creative director.  Whether I need a new website, logo for a program or strategic advice on positioning, content or structure, Tzaddi consistently gives me critical feedback and ideas that have been essential to the development & success of my business. Tzaddi is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and has the ability to think way outside of the box to give you that strategic edge on the next leg of your journey.  In the last four years of growing my business Tzaddi has played a key role in every project, program and event that I’ve launched.

Erin Whalen

Tzaddi, thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous website you created for me. I have received dozens of compliments on it and a few potential clients contacted me unprompted to ask if they could hire me. On top of that, within three days of launching, my mailing list grew effortlessly by 25% – because your site design does such a great job of calling visual attention to my opt-in offer in a way that sparked interest and inspired people to act.

Thank so much again – YOU ROCK!

Working with Tzaddi was a total delight!  She had an amazing ability to understand my vision (even before it was clear to me) and to translate it into a website. She created one that fits my business absolutely perfectly. Beyond her communication, visual, and technical skills, Tzaddi is just an all-round smart cookie. Her suggestions about how to structure my business and frame my offerings were invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting a wise, insightful, talented professional.

Sarah Kerr, PhDSoul Passages

Angela Rae

I’ve worked with the very talented Tzaddi Gordon for the past few years and she’s created a lovely website and brand image for me that really feels like ME as I and my business evolve over time. She continually brings inspiration and ideas, plus unparalleled guidance for me to set and meet my branding goals. Tzaddi was able to take my wish list and deliver it all within my budget and timeframe. It was a big learning opportunity for me and she was there to guide and support me through it all. Not only is she a gifted artist and designer she’s also immensely patient and caring. I felt completely at ease working with her because her communication was clear and on time as well as open and honest. I sometimes have off-the wall ideas and she listens to them patiently and then takes them and makes them beautiful and sophisticated! Tzaddi is the Goddess of Art and Design!

Criss Turner

Working with Tzaddi, I always felt taken care of and on track. I often didn’t have clarity of what I wanted and she was able to ask the right questions and take my feedback to create what I envisioned. She really listens and delivers. I completely trust her artistry and professionalism.

Criss Turner

Desiree Adaway

I always hesitate when it’s time to spend money. I am so glad I did not hesitate when I chose to work with Tzaddi.

I approached Tzaddi because I needed a designer and project manager that would help me take my vision to reality. She did background research and helped me find the perfect vendor to work with, she took my content and added it to her amazing design to give it the look and feel that I only dreamed of. The result was a deck of oracle cards that everyday I receive inquiries about—Every. Day.

I would recommend Tzaddi to anyone that needs the wonderful combination of creative artistry and project management and wonderful personality in a partner. She completed my project on time and on budget. I can not recommend her or her skills enough.

Desiree AdawayThe Adaway Group

Digital portrait of Deb Nicholson, by Tzaddi Gordon

In late 2019 I engaged Tzaddi to help me with rebranding my website. Tzaddi designed some new images and templates for me to use myself. I truly appreciated the time spent with Tzaddi – her warm presence and calm professionalism really enabled me to get a handle on my own needs and desired outcomes.

I appreciated that were packages to choose from and Tzaddi was very clear about what each package contained, so I understood my investment options from the outset.

The updated branding on my website has enabled me to present a more professional face to the world, and the fact I can do it myself now was an added bonus. I felt empowered all the while working with Tzaddi, and for me this was such an important part of choosing the right person to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Tzaddi again to gain from her skills and talent.

Deb Nicholson

Philippa Rowlands

Tzaddi brought talent and professionalism to the design work in a brilliant combination with intuition and an understanding of my unique process. I am so grateful for that.

She has the genuine desire to create purposeful and beautiful products that match your vision so you can go out into the world feeling positive and powerful.

I highly recommend Tzaddi for all your design needs — websites, logos and more traditional print materials. This brilliant, kind and talented web designer is a treasure indeed.

Philippa Rowlands

The website is a huge hit! What a beautiful design you created and it has magnetic attracting powers! I have received so many wonderful compliments on the website and had five inquiries just yesterday for coaching and consultations. I just wanted you to know that potential clients are finding me and loving what they see and I am very grateful.

Mary Welty-DapkusFresh Intuition