Leah Goard

How A Coaching Community Ethos Blossomed into a Product Line

Over the years in her deep work coaching people to align their businesses and lives, Leah Goard of DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN has developed a number of phrases and mantras that help her clients stay focused on what matters most to them.

"How you show up shapes your world."

"Take inspired imperfect action."

"Dance in the puddles."

We took the best of those gems and developed the DDA Manifesto: one beautiful, branded layout of all the best wisdom from Leah and her community. From this cohesive design we pulled individual quotes to feature in various media.

At first they were used simply on social media posts and in client materials such as the DDA Planner. Then, on gifts for clients and events.

Soon the most popular phrases became apparent, along with the demand for more products reflecting the DDA ethos.

We created beautiful branded merchandise for people to wear and use in their daily lives, such as yoga leggings and tote bags with a reminder to "Do something different", and journals with the Manifesto on the front plus an affirming message inside.

A person doing yoga. Their leggings say: Do something different

"When we originally created the Manifesto, I wasn't really aware of how I could use it to create further products and the impact it would have in terms of brand recognition. The Manifesto has gone on to create a depth of community and engagement and point of reference across my community. It's provided an opportunity to strengthen my brand across all mediums."

– Leah Goard

A close up of the DDA Manifesto print
3 people standing in a yoga pose. The side of their leggings read: Do something different
Shopify store for DDA Co.
Shopify store for DDA Co.


  • Consulting (initial concepts, strategy, choosing vendors, and everything in between)
  • Graphic design and visual branding (web, print, surface design for products)
  • Product creation with the print-on-demand vendor
  • E-commerce build (Shopify storefront)


  • Increased perception of brand quality
  • Created connection, care and community with clients (client gifts and support)
  • New marketing tool (using the products for giveaways)
  • New revenue stream (product sales)

"From concept, design to delivery, Tzaddi has been instrumental in bringing the stunning and powerful DDA Product line to life. The (Define Design Align) DDA Manifesto has been the foundation for several other projects. DDA Manifesto Cards and Colouring Pages, DDA Planner, Journal, Tote Bags, DDA Chocolate Bars and most recently the truly outstanding Do Something Different Leggings. The products have served as practical tools, community building assets and had an absolute impact on brand positioning and revenue opportunities. Beyond worth the investment. Tzaddi's strategic sense will provide you with smart ideas and feedback and her talent will produce a product that will have a very positive ripple effect in your business and bottom line."


Leah Goard