Dear Sister Cards

How Daily Social Media Posts Became Tangible Tools for Increased Impact

For hundreds of days, Desiree Adaway had written a short daily letter and posted it on Facebook. Her letters were inspiring, they connected deeply with the womxn in Desiree's audience, and they sparked a lot of discussion and self-reflection.

These engaging conversation-starters were also lost to the abyss of Facebook: here today, gone tomorrow.

Having appreciated her letters and engaged in some of these conversations myself, I proposed that Desiree leverage this incredible intellectual property by creating a deck of cards.

Desiree and I refined a vision for a deck and booklet, selected a production vendor, and set to work on creating the product.

We outlined a set of avatars, and then illustrated them to represent as much diversity as we possibly could within six personas.

And soon, The Dear Sister (not just cister) Prompts for Writing and Reflection were born.

The first volume Dear Sister Card Deck with mini booklet.
The first volume Dear Sister Card Deck with mini booklet.

"You made it so easy and were so helpful. I never would have done this without you." – Desiree Adaway



  • Consulting
  • Illustration (Avatars)
  • Graphic design (deck, booklet, and box)
  • Set-up with the print-on-demand vendor (product assets, web page/shopping cart)



  • Increased reach, especially with new audiences of therapists and educators
  • New consulting clients due to deck-holders recommending Desiree's work to their organizations
  • Leveraged intellectual property for a new revenue stream

"I always hesitate when it’s time to spend money. I am so glad I did not hesitate when I chose to work with Tzaddi.

I approached Tzaddi because I needed a designer and project manager that would help me take my vision to reality. She did background research and helped me find the perfect vendor to work with, she took my content and added it to her amazing design to give it the look and feel that I only dreamed of. The result was a deck of oracle cards that everyday I receive inquiries about—Every. Day.

I would recommend Tzaddi to anyone that needs the wonderful combination of creative artistry and project management and wonderful personality in a partner. She completed my project on time and on budget. I can not recommend her or her skills enough."

– Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

Desiree Adaway