Amplify your message with artful items your clients will love

Looking for fresh ideas for serving your clients and increasing your impact? Offer them unique products that combine your wisdom with original art to create an unforgettable impression.

Physical products that embody the unique essence of your work can strengthen your brand, increase engagement, and even help you reach new audiences.

As a graphic designer, illustrator, and product maker myself, I love to help clients create unique products to amplify their message.

Some examples of what we could create together:

  • a luxe notebook for events or client gifts
  • a card deck of writing prompts or exercises which are unique to the work you do with your clients
  • a printed manifesto
  • branded, unique-to-your niche calendar or wall planner for clients
  • yoga leggings, scarves, or tote bags with your brand colours and vibe
  • greeting cards

I would love to brainstorm ideas with you!

"Tzaddi took my content and added it to her amazing design to give it the look and feel that I only dreamed of. The result was a deck of oracle cards that everyday I receive inquiries about—Every. Day."
— Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

A prompt card reads: Dear Sister (not just cister), Feeling week? Lean on me. I have faith in you...
Dear Sister cards: writing prompts by Desiree Adaway, art and graphic design by Tzaddi Gordon

Get the support you need from idea to execution

Figuring out which products to offer, and how you want to get them made, can be daunting. (I know – I've been there!)

How do you decide what to offer? How do you choose a printing/production company? How much will you need to invest in a print run or inventory? (Pro tip: it may be very little!)

I can help you:

  • Determine which product and production method works for your needs, such as print-on-demand (POD) services vs. small production runs
  • With full graphic design as well as sourcing or creating art for a unique product that stands boring slap-a-logo-on-it work here!
  • Make your product available for online sales, if that's something you want to do

But first, I can help to refine your vision and give fresh perspective on the best approach for you.

Ready to explore more? Let's talk.

"I always hesitate when it’s time to spend money. I am so glad I did not hesitate when I chose to work with Tzaddi.

I approached Tzaddi because I needed a designer and project manager that would help me take my vision to reality.  She did background research and helped me find the perfect vendor to work with, she took my content and added it to her amazing design to give it the look and feel that I only dreamed of. The result was a deck of oracle cards that everyday I receive inquiries about—Every. Day.

I would recommend Tzaddi to anyone that needs the wonderful combination of creative artistry and project management and wonderful personality in a partner. She completed my project on time and on budget. I can not recommend her or her skills enough."

– Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

Here are some examples of products I've helped to create for clients.

Leah Goard"From concept, design to delivery, Tzaddi was instrumental in bringing the stunning and powerful DDA Manifesto into fruition. The Manifesto has been the foundation for several other projects: Manifesto Cards and Colouring Pages, Planner, and Chocolate Bars with more in production. The products have served as practical tools, community building assets and supported brand positioning. Beyond worth the investment. Tzaddi's strategic sense will provide you with smart ideas and feedback and her talent will produce a product that will have a very positive ripple effect in your business and bottom line."
– Leah Goard, Define Design Align

photo of Tzaddi Gordon smiling and looking up

Let's talk about your product idea.