Who I work with

Here are a few of the bright lights I've had the pleasure of collaborating with:

  • AHA Creative (BC)
  • Bluelime Media (BC)
  • Capulet Communications (BC)
  • Define Design Align / Leah Goard (BC)
  • Desiree Adaway / The Adaway Group (NC)
  • Fresh Intuition (California)
  • Fueled by Meredith + Co (California)
  • Global Alliance for Banking on Values (Netherlands)
  • Healing Scents Aromatherapy (BC)
  • Heart of Business (Portland, Oregon)
  • Jennifer Louden (WA)
  • McLash Law (BC)
  • Libre Tea (BC)
  • Lintbucket Media (BC)
  • Molly Gordon / Shaboom Inc. (WA)
  • The Performer's Heart (Australia)
  • Sandi Amorim (BC)
  • SideStix Ventures Inc. (BC)
  • Soul Passages (Alberta)
  • TELUS Communications (Canada)
  • Vancity Savings Credit Union and Alterna Credit Union for LCUC (Canada)
  • Vancouver Convention Centre (BC)
  • YVR Airport Authority (BC)

We’re a great fit for working together if:

  • You want to support your work with finely crafted design that's focused on meaningful, strategic goals.
  • You’re deeply passionate about your mission and ready to really put it out there. It might be a bit uncomfortable for you to feel "seen" in a new way, but you're ready to stretch into that.
  • You are driven to grow your business, and understand that design aligned with your business strategy is a powerful vehicle to resonate with your ideal clients.
  • You’re a great communicator, especially by email.
  • You love a good Muppets movie (or, you’re somehow quirky and fun, yes?)

Sound like I might be a fit for your project?  Let's talk.

I'm not such a great fit for your project, if:

  • You only need technical help. If your project does not have a significant design requirement, I will try to refer you to a better fit.
  • You want it cheap and fast. I prefer to go deep with clients and work on projects that benefit from my experience. My pricing reflects both that experience, and the care I put into the work.
  • You need lots of phone calls on short notice. I do prefer email communication (it helps me keep everyone organized and details clear), and scheduled phone calls so that I can give my full attention to the present task at hand.

If I'm not the right person for your project, I know wonderful colleagues who might be. So don't be shy to introduce yourself anyway! If you tell me what you're looking for, I'll happily connect you with someone if I can.