Visual Branding Essentials

Operating your business with an ill-fitting brand (or no brand at all) is like running a marathon in flip-flops. Nobody’s going to take you seriously, and you won't get the results you hoped for. (Sound familiar?)

Before diving into professional website design or printed marketing materials, you need a strong and strategic visual foundation.

My Brand Essentials creates that visual foundation so that all of your next steps are easier, more aligned, and more polished.

If you have a brand that’s not fitting you like it should, or no brand at all, this is the place to start in our work together.

Brand Essentials includes:

Your Brand Touchstone
Defining Your Brand Fonts and Colours
Design of Your Logo
Your Brand Style Guide

In other words, you'll have clarity and a professional foundation to turn to when your marketing ideas and options might be overwhelming.

First, we'll explore the essence of your business, defining its unique magic as a touchstone you can use to guide your design and marketing communications decisions.

Then we’ll define a colour palette and select fonts that support your brand essence.

Then we’ll design either a “wordmark” logo or a “combination mark” which includes both words and a unique iconic symbol.

You'll receive your final logo in multiple formats so it looks great online and in print.

All of this is wrapped in a Style Guide that you will reference when creating branded items for yourself or working with a designer.

Your Style Guide includes guidelines for imagery to use in your marketing materials and tips for finding images without breaking the bank or copyright laws.

Brand Essentials costs $1500 with a Wordmark Logo, or $2000 with a Deluxe Logo

A La Carte add-ons available with your Brand Essentials package:

  • Website Banner incorporating your logo + chosen imagery, including two rounds of revisions. Perfect if you are DIY-ing your website - $250
  • Adapt your Website Banner for Facebook or MailChimp - $75 per adaptation

Ready to get your Brand Essentials? Have questions? Great! Get in touch.


  • Wordmark logos do not include custom lettering or icons. Deluxe Logos may involve customization of lettering but does not include fully custom lettering. More involved logo design may be quoted upon request.
  • License fees may apply for stock photography/imagery or premium fonts. Costs will be discussed before recommending or proceeding with such options.