Client Kudos

Working with Tzaddi was a total delight!  She had an amazing ability to understand my vision (even before it was clear to me) and to translate it into a website. She created one that fits my business absolutely perfectly. Beyond her communication, visual, and technical skills, Tzaddi is just an all-round smart cookie. Her suggestions about how to structure my business and frame my offerings were invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting a wise, insightful, talented professional.

Sarah Kerr, PhDSoul Passages

The website you created for me brought my mom to tears today. You know, good, make-your-momma-proud tears. A million thanks for working above and beyond on this site for me and for holding my hand through it all!

Tzaddi, thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous website you created for me. I have received dozens of compliments on it and a few potential clients contacted me unprompted to ask if they could hire me. On top of that, within three days of launching, my mailing list grew effortlessly by 25% – because your site design does such a great job of calling visual attention to my opt-in offer in a way that sparked interest and inspired people to act.

Thank so much again – YOU ROCK!

Tzaddi is not only my “go to” designer, she is my creative director.  Whether I need a new website, logo for a program or strategic advice on positioning, content or structure, Tzaddi consistently gives me critical feedback and ideas that have been essential to the development & success of my business. Tzaddi is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and has the ability to think way outside of the box to give you that strategic edge on the next leg of your journey.  In the last four years of growing my business Tzaddi has played a key role in every project, program and event that I’ve launched.

I looked at Tzaddi’s other websites — you know, there are designers that I’m familiar with, and I can tell who did a site without even seeing the designer’s name, just because the sites look so much alike! But Tzaddi’s sites don’t look alike at all, and I think that’s a sign of someone who has true talent as a web designer.

Neely RaffelliniThe Giving Paw

Working with Tzaddi to create my new website was a positive experience from beginning to end. I came to her with a million scattered thoughts and she (somehow!) took those and turned them into a masterpiece. She really heard me and incorporated all the elements I wanted while still making it a clean design. Her aesthetic is fresh and fun and truly artistic.

The shift to the new site was scary for me, since I’m a control freak. But Tzaddi held my hand and again, really heard my concerns. She never rushed me or made me feel like a pain. The end result is a website that feels like a real business for the first time ever. I no longer have a blog with a business somewhere behind it. Now, when you land on the site, you see my company front and center. It’s exactly what I wanted and needed. I would highly recommend Tzaddi for anyone looking to upgrade their online presence. You’ll be amazed at what she can do.

Chrissy ScivicqueEat Your Career

I woke up this morning and it was like the angels had been! The site is stunning. I really love it! I  have shown a few people and they have all responded with – ahh! it is beautiful.

Thanks… for being the artist that you are.

Tzaddi’s comprehensive, preliminary worksheets helped me sharpen the focus of my website’s purpose so that she could deliver exactly what I wanted. She created a clean-looking, professional custom design that still allows the quirky personality of my artwork to shine through. With an eye for precision, she fussed as much as I would have over the details (perfectionist much?).

One of the things I love best about Tzaddi’s websites is that they have been crafted with the intent of usability and ease of navigation – no one will ever leave your site in frustration! Smarts of a geek and soul of an artist, Tzaddi possesses both the technical know-how and aesthetic aptitude to code your dream website into reality.

The website is a huge hit! What a beautiful design you created and it has magnetic attracting powers! I have received so many wonderful compliments on the website and had five inquiries just yesterday for coaching and consultations. I just wanted you to know that potential clients are finding me and loving what they see and I am very grateful.

Mary Welty-DapkusFresh Intuition

Tzaddi is a joy to work with and a true gem. She is a wonderful web designer and a generous Business Maven.  Tzaddi saved me from headaches and extra expense by guiding me through the business aspect of  “doing what I love”.  She is a caring person with great integrity and honesty. Her creativity is infused with love, as she delivers beautiful, professional websites. I am so happy to have found her as she is the total package.

Hemila Pedram-ParsiNurturing Your Heart

You’re a real pleasure to work with. Professional, resourceful, solution-oriented. If you don’t know the answer you’re diligent to find it, reach out to your professional network or will be honest if it’s not your strength, rather than try to “learn/earn by doing.” You have a “can-do” attitude and always seems to keep best plan and practices in mind looking ahead to anticipate future needs to overcome unwanted surprises. Because you’re also very reliable, your work and solutions are a real value.

Dan LarsonSmart Marketing ROI

Tzaddi is very easy to work with and has a calm confidence that is very reassuring. Working with her is fun, inspired, professional yet friendly. I can rely on Tzaddi to always do her best and exceed expectations.

Joanne ProbynReadyGo Media

You are caring, always there with ideas, and there’s no ego involved if the client needs to change something that you created. Great results. Our clients are always very happy with what you developed for them! And so are we.

Tzaddi, you have been beyond fabulous to work with and I’ll be singing your praises far and wide to whomever will listen!

April Elliott KentBig Sky Astrology