Tzaddi ("zaw-dee"): fish hook, capturing or hooking of the fertility of the subconscious mind.

While my first name Tzaddi has several meanings, that's the one I love most. The metaphor seems perfectly apt because one of the things I do best is deep listening and observation.

When we work together, I pick up things you aren’t even conscious of communicating. Clients repeatedly tell me that they feel truly heard, and that I'm able to translate their vision even before they're sure what it is.


Tzaddi GordonThat's me, Tzaddi Gordon.
My hair is usually a bright hue... or several.

I work most of my magic in my studio – a little creative oasis on the rural west coast of Canada.

My studio is my haven for both work and play. Along with my standing desk for computer work, I have ample space to dabble in various kinds of visual art.

Before arriving here, I:

  • Served as leader of a web design & production team at a large telco. In that role I also started a usability research program to gain valuable insight through interviews with customers using our web designs.
  • Left the land of cubicles in 2007 to start my own design studio
  • Learned how to give and receive constructive critique and art direction; that my creative desires or ego is not as important as what's best for the project
  • Coded more websites than I can count, including as part of the development team for the big telco. I built my first WordPress site around 2006(!) and have crafted many unique custom themes for clients.
  • Spent thousands of hours drawing... with my beloved Prismacolor pencil crayons as a kid, in my 4 years at Emily Carr (one of Canada's best fine arts schools), and in a regular practice with a local life drawing group.

I believe...

...observation and empathy are two of my most important tools

... that great communication design is made in the sweet spot where strategy, science, and creativity overlap. 

... in the power of forest walks and napping and creative play

In my art...

I have extensively practiced life drawing (drawing of live, nude models) and dabbled in mixed media sculpture, painting, and collage, as my muse leads me. I've also practiced vocal improv choir led by the amazing Viviane Houle.

I have a daily practice to CREATE for creativity's sake and share work-in-progress (warts and all), on Instagram.

In my design...

When I am able to hold space for my client's deepest wishes for their business, and develop the clarity and vision needed to bring those wishes into the world, then I am being of my highest service. I am doing my best work, so that they can do theirs.

Both my art and my design are connections to the heart, in support of all of us being of our highest service.

Thank you for being here. I'm honoured to connect with you!