Bags, Pouches and Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases and Zippered Carry-All Pouches

These pencil cases and pouches are a perfect way to live with artwork every day.

Quality made upon order in Montreal, Canada.

Each case/pouch has a keychain tab. Pouches come in multiple sizes and have an optional strap.

For more details on sizes and construction:
Pencil Cases
Carry-all Pouches

Makeup Bags

Whether your tools of the trade are scissors, makeup, rulers, or camera gear, these makeup bags are perfect for keeping your essentials in one place ready for action. Denim lined with an inner pocket, our makeup bags feature vibrant colourfast prints on durable poly canvas.

More info here

Origami Tote Bags

Unique Origami totes are comprised of art printed on a large crepe cloth plus a strap. Together you can use them as a tote bag, or use the cloth alone as an impromptu picnic blanket, a scarf, or the most beautiful present wrapping. More info.

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