Great design is in the sweet spot of strategy, science, and creativity.

Above all, design should make your customer feel a connection with you + your message, and take action. My design process is all about discovering and creating the sweet spot that will help your business thrive.

Whether redesigning your website or creating your brand's visual foundation, I help your customers see how irresistible you are!

Below are some ways we can work together. Don’t see something that fits your needs? Email me and let’s talk about what you need. I may be able to tailor a package or refer you to another resource if I’m not a fit for you at this time.

Visual Branding

Operating your business with an ill-fitting brand (or no brand at all) is like trying to run a marathon in flip-flops. Nobody's going to take you seriously, and you won't get the results you hoped for. My Brand Essentials package is perfect for small businesses that need a logo + other branding elements as a foundation for website design or other branded marketing materials such as business cards. If you have a brand that's not fitting you like it should, or no brand at all, this is the place to start in our work together.

Website Design

Deep Dives: make the soul of your business visible
Deep Dives go beyond the basics to create a highly custom website that's beautifully you. Ready for a grown-up website that deeply connects with your ideal audience?

Your creative + strategic right-hand

After working closely together to develop a new brand and website, clients who are actively growing their online business often engage me for ongoing support and consulting. I can:

  • ...act as your Creative Director. I'll create ongoing design as you need it, and also review things you're producing elsewhere to ensure that all your visual materials are aligned with your brand. I'm a great collaborator. I'm not interested in "turf"; I'm more interested in the best outcome for you, and in everyone playing to their strengths.
  • a sounding board/strategy coach for your big ideas
  • ...assist with enhancing your website as it grows post-launch
  • ...produce web graphics for Facebook, Eventbrite, etc.,
  • your business cards, brochures, etc.

Please inquire for details.

For Agencies

Need a contract designer you can trust to deliver excellence on-time and on-budget? I adore helping you wow your clients, and am open to ongoing design work.

I've worked with small and large agencies, as well as non-profits and corporations. I've managed a design and production team and other freelancers on my own projects.

If you think I might be a fit for ongoing work with your team, let's talk.