Let's turn heads.

You’ve grown tremendously along with your business. You've definitely outgrown
the bootstrapped brand and website that (thankfully!) got you this far.

It’s time to step into a new light.
To own the power of your work.

It's time to stand out and be seen in a whole new way.

Tzaddi Gordon

If you're ready to be seen in a new way,
then it’s time to work with a designer who gets it.

You need a designer who'll do more than make pretty things.

You need a designer who will dive into the depths with you and your strategy and help you make sense of it all. Who’ll shine a new light on you and your mission.

I’m Tzaddi Gordon, and that’s what I do. I'm thrilled to support my clients in this way, because I believe that truly showing up makes all the difference.

"Tzaddi, thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous website you created for me. I have received dozens of compliments on it and a few potential clients contacted me unprompted to ask if they could hire me. On top of that, within three days of launching, my mailing list grew effortlessly by 25% – because your site design does such a great job of calling visual attention to my opt-in offer in a way that sparked interest and inspired people to act."

– Erin Whalen

"Working with Tzaddi was a total delight!  She had an amazing ability to understand my vision (even before it was clear to me) and to translate it into a website. She created one that fits my business absolutely perfectly. Beyond her communication, visual, and technical skills, Tzaddi is just an all-round smart cookie. Her suggestions about how to structure my business and frame my offerings were invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting a wise, insightful, talented professional."

– Sarah Kerr

"Tzaddi is not only my “go to” designer, she is my creative director.  Whether I need a new website, logo for a program or strategic advice on positioning, content or structure, Tzaddi consistently gives me critical feedback and ideas that have been essential to the development & success of my business. Tzaddi is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and has the ability to think way outside of the box to give you that strategic edge on the next leg of your journey.  In the last four years of growing my business Tzaddi has played a key role in every project, program and event that I’ve launched."

– Leah Goard

"Tzaddi is very easy to work with and has a calm confidence that is very reassuring. Working with her is fun, inspired, professional yet friendly. I can rely on Tzaddi to always do her best and exceed expectations."

– Joanne Probyn, ReadyGo Media